How to earn from DailyKamao ?

There is very simple and easy way to earn from this website.You don't need any extra knbowledge:

  1. Create your account and get Rs 10 in your account.
  2. Participate in the offer and get Rs 3 to Rs 10 for each offer.
  3. Invite your friend to join the DailyKamao and get Rs 2 for each.
  4. You can invite your friends in following ways:
    a)Share your referral link on whatsapp.
    b)Share your referral link on whatsapp groups.
    c)You can also share referral link on instagram.
  5. Keep your profile updated to get more rewarding offers.
  6. Participate in more offers to get more rewards and earn more money.
  7. Participat in all offers everyday.

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